What is Press Select?

Press Select is an independent publisher specialising in long-form videogame criticism. We publish books about videogames.

Who is Press Select?

Press Select is co-founded by Australian videogame critics Dan Golding and Brendan Keogh.

Who is writing for you?

Kotaku’s Patricia Hernandez; Brainy Gamer’s Michael Abbott; independent designer and critic Robert Yang; freelance game critic Maddy Myers; writer, editor, and critic Chris Dahlen; designer and critic Tim Rogers; features editor of Edge magazine Jason Killingsworth; and game critic and voice of Super Hexagon Jenn Frank; along with several other noteworthy authors we will announce in due time.

When will you start releasing books?

Our current goal is to release our first book in early 2014.

What formats will the books be released in?

Each book will be released as a high-quality, expertly designed digital book in pdf, epub, and mobi formats. Customers will get all three formats for the one price. DRM free.

Will print copies of the books be available?

At the moment we are solely focusing on producing high quality digital books. We would like to offer the option for hard copies in the future, but we can’t confirm anything just yet.

How much do you pay your authors?

Press Select is committed to supporting the burgeoning field of videogame criticism and, as such, our writers are our highest priority. From release, the author will get 50% of every sale of their book. Once the expenses paid by Press Select to cover the costs of producing and publishing the book are covered, then the majority of each sale will go to the author.

Are you accepting submissions?

As we’re working with a lot of authors already, we are not currently accepting submissions, but we will be in 2014. If, however, you have a burning desire to get in touch with us about your project or skills, send us an email at editors at pressselectpublishing dot com, and we’ll chat!

How can I stay up-to-date with Press Select?

You can subscribe to our mailing list, follow us on Twitter, or like us on Facebook. We promise we will only use these for important updates and won’t spam you.